Omo Oba Obirin

I. When the owl hoots,

I wonder, is it a male or a female?

Is it my doom or is my kind already dead?

Do I sacrifice to appease the gods or…

Do I sleep on till morn, to await an outcome?

Am I just stunned or really through?

…the end, I fear might

Hang in the silence of the night.

Is this a drift so long…?


II. Today, I whisper my rhythm rhapsody

From my stack of queer rhetoric,

Embalming what I’ve seen,

Sealing it in a closet.

Eternity will never be enough

To put them in queue for clear analysis

After all I have quelled,

“ OMO OBA ni e “, is all I speak.


Is this a drift, so long…?


III. I skip words, but it’s ok

I would rather feed my eyes

My heart’s eyes, ‘’tin ke fun e” baby girl

All I can do is indulge my wishes, a hug is just fine

Adroit, I would say about your ways

Do you captivate to capture?

Shrewd ehnn? It’s wisdom

Just be discerning “dear OMO OBA OBIRIN”


Is this a drift so long…?


IV. You soothe the spirits, though veiled

From your wings are shaken the dews that awaken

What groovy natty dude won’t lose his head?

“bere mo le”, this is work, no meandering

This is not the November of my life,

Even though long by this pink rose I’ll stand

I pray both our pens finally bleed as one

“OMO OBA Baby Girl”, let this be true, so o gbo


Is this a drift? So long…



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