Morning Anatomy

I had made this trip countless times and so, this one was fairly routine. It seemed just like any other day except for the windy atmosphere. We had just recorded the first rainfall for the year.
I was debating within myself whether to read a book or watch the scenery as we drove into the western by-pass. My window was closed and so I opened it to take in lungful’s of fresh mountain air. I nodded my head to my seat partner acknowledging him for the first time. I had reached a decision.
Searching through my bag, I picked out a text in Anatomy since I had to know my body structure well before I could treat another. By then, we were approaching the end of the road and linking to the federal road: the final leg of the journey. Since Anatomy made an interesting read, I bent my head in the book until instinct raised it up. We were approaching a check point. I watched us get closer to the fog. I thought it strange and looked behind me noticing that the spot we left was fog-free.
Suddenly, the bus screeched as it braked to a halt. The ‘policeman’ that materialized in its front was lucky to be alive. The ‘policemen’ in their ill-fitting uniforms trooped into the bus. Another strange thing, since the bus was never stopped being registered to the state government. Everyone was ordered to silence as the driver was roughly pulled down.
I thought I looked lovely that morning and so I sat on the first seat so that I would be fairly clean when I disembarked. As it was, I was the first to be assaulted. A baton banged my head bending my glasses askew. I made a show of searching through my bag and came up with only a new one-hundred naira note. I got a knock on my head for my effort. As the thief moved to the next person, I used American Sign Language to communicate to a friend to keep most of her money hidden just as the thief turned back to look at me.
‘Wh-at did you done?’, he asks.
I only shook my head. NOTHING.
‘She can’t talk’, someone volunteered and got a slap for the effort. They rounded up hurriedly and left. The driver drove the rest of the way as if the devil was on his heels. I kept looking behind me to see if they followed though they had long since disappeared into the nearby bushes.
As we approached the school gate, I felt secure. Tumbling out of the bus, for the first time ever, I was genuinely happy to be in school!



  1. Great work there, tot I was reading an article in cosmo. The sudden drift from a lovely windy ride into an unpleasant robbery experience was the high point for me.


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