Leave us in Peace

Rearing its ugly head
Struggling to take shape

The nincompoops’ have arrived
Yes, truly derived
The hyena’s abound
The terrain advanced
Abacha again?!
Leave us in peace

Abiola-like ears
When without my shears
Flapping without fears
Burger-like lips
Surely, the bill fits
Saddam hanged!
Terrorists ganged!
Youths hanged!
Petrol fanged!
Leave us in peace

230 victims, weighing a bale
Not enough to tip the scales
Burst! Yet another
Abattoir expects still more
Power maniacs at the fore
Obasanjo still snores
Leave us in peace

What difference was there
When Belleview happened
And Sosoliso followed
Killing a ‘fountain of truth ’
And National Corpers’ minus some
16 year-olds – buried?
And yet,
Chachangi became another toy: Unmaintained toy in acrid air
Toying with a 117 lives
Thereby burying that orange box
In Lisa village
Leave us in peace
Williams, Daramola, Ige
Maccido, Gandi, Mohammed
The country mourned
But leopards remain spotted
Crocodiles without tears
And crabs, unblinking.
Atiku! Obasanjo!
National ‘craft scandals!
Political topsy-turvy!!
Economic instability!!!
Health upheaval!!!!
Physical and moral declination!!!!!
How much longer?
For we want to be
Left in peace…


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