Misplaced Trust


(May in a soliloquy)

MAY:               “when the owl hoots,

I wonder is it a male or female.

Shall I appease the gods

Or is my doom already near?”

(Footsteps in background)

DARELL:          (sitting cross legged beside her friend) have you started talking to yourself?

 MAY:              What do you mean?

DARELL:          I heard you just as I was walking in. You were talking to yourself.

MAY:               Oh! I was writing a poem and trying to memorise it.

DARELL:          Another poem. What’s the occasion or who’s the lucky guy? I feel like you are keeping secrets from me.

MAY:               First there’s no occasion. Second, there’s no lucky guy and I don’t have any secrets that you don’t already know. Of all people to keep secrets from!

DARELL:          Oh really! Then what’s this poem for?

MAY:               Must it be for something? If you must, I just entered for a poetry contest and I need to memorise it.

DARELL:          I envy you. People like me don’t have any talents. I’m just there for someone like you to use as audience or supporter’s club.

MAY:               Darell, what’s all of this? If I hid it you would talk but I did not and you’re still talking. Enough of this kind of talk! What’s the latest? It’s been awhile we sat like this.

DARELL:          That still doesn’t change how I feel. I think I’ll go now so you can concentrate on your work. We shall see later. (Picks up her bag and stretches)

MAY:               Till when now? (Looking up from her work)

DARELL:          I don’t know. I’ll call you.

MAY:               Sorry I can’t see you off.

DARELL:          Have it your way.  Goodnight.

MAY:               My regards to everyone, okay? Goodnight.










(Darell sits cross legged on a chair scrolling through her phone. Her brother walks in)

FRED:              Lil sis, how is your friend? What did she say?

DARELL:          Must you call me little? And where is the recharge card you promised me?

FRED:              Hold on I’ll give you. First deliver your message.

DARELL:          She was so busy she did not even have my time. And besides, I’ve told you several times that she’s not your type.

FRED:              That’s left for me to decide. And did you find out why she has not been replying my messages?

DARELL:          Any way, I tried my best.

FRED:              Seems to me that you don’t like her anymore. You guys don’t talk like you used to.

DARELL:          None of your business. Just give me the card and I’ll do my job.

FRED:              And if you’re not successful?

DARELL:          Then you can do your worst.

FRED:              I’m hungry.

DARELL:          Call the maid! (Stands up and leaves her brother staring at her in anger).























(Darell is heard making a call)

DARELL:          Girlfriend what’s up? Are you free…so I can expect you…how long will you take…okay… don’t keep too long…later (Fred walks in)

FRED:              So is she coming?

DARELL:          Yeah (blows a bubble gum in his direction)

FRED:              Saucy girl! Spoilt brat. Wonder why your friends are better than you.

DARELL:          Good for me! I may be spoilt but I’m still your sister and you’re always trying to ask my friends out.

(Fred hisses and walks off in a huff grumbling under his breath)

FRED:              Call me when she comes.





























(May visits Darell to make up for her last visit but she looks tired. Darell excused herself subtly. May is left alone with Fred and she is obviously familiar with him.)

FRED:              It has been awhile I last saw you. How are you doing?

MAY:               I’m fine. I thought you would be at work today

FRED:              It’s my day off. Compulsory one (They both laugh. He calls the maid to serve them drinks. When the drinks are brought, he opens them and hands her her drink)

FRED:              Here you go. (Hands her the drink)

MAY:               Really I would prefer water.

FRED:              It’s been long I saw you and you want to reject my drink? That would upset me (touches his heart and fakes pain)

MAY:               (laughing) I wouldn’t want to do that

FRED:              (cheerfully) Then drink up while I get you some water. (Stands)




























(Fred watches her sleep and pulls a blanket over both of them. Darell opens the door to find them)

DARELL:          What’s going on here?

FRED:              Get out and close the door!

DARELL:          I’m going nowhere. Tell me what you did to her because I’m sure she won’t be there willingly and I didn’t hear any screams. (Covers her mouth and opens her eyes wide)

DARELL:          Drugged her didn’t you?

FRED:              (sits up) What if I did?

DARELL:          What are we going to do? There will be hell to pay if anyone finds out.

(Mays phone ring suddenly and brother and sister jump. They wait to see her reaction as she opens her eyes)

MAY:               (Picks up her phone while rubbing sleep from her eyes) Hello Uncle…I’m in Darell’s pla-(gasps as she sees them both and the blanket around her waist)

[Both rush to explain but she cuts them off with an outstretched palm]

MAY:               (crying silently) I hope you both had crazy fun? I trusted you enough and this is the way friendships grow tighter? I hope you have consciences to judge you and may God repay you accordingly. Darell, you were envious of my talents and did nothing to encourage me as best friends should. You made me guilty with my gift and scheming hurtful things was what you did. It took me so long to see this. And Fred, may God judge you and may your children experience a fate as this. (Holding the blanket with one arm, she picks up her clothes ready to wear them)


[A car is heard in the driveway. Her uncle walks in still in his fatigues. Shaking his head, he surveys the scene and cuffs Darell first then Fred]











Darell and Fred have been tried and judgement has been passed. May has just been announced as the recipient of a poetry scholarship and she is at the presentation for a reading.


MAY:               “When the owl hoots ,

                         I wonder is it a male or female

                         Shall I appease the gods

                         Or is my doom already near?


                        You touch my heart though veiled

                        You blew a kiss on the lips of the wind

                        With you I felt a kinship

                        A kinship made in heaven and bonded on earth


                         When the wind whispers,

                         Is it your voice I hear?

                         Shall I question my sanity

                         Or listen to our melody?”


MAY:               Thank you so much the organisers, my family and friends. I feel so honoured to be picked among the thousands of entrees and I will put in my best to show that this award and scholarship given to me is not a waste. Copies of my new book “My Travails” are available at the book stand toward the exit. Thank you so much again. (She smiles at the camera as the Chairman poses with the huge cheque and a copy of her best-selling book)









  1. Nice stage play,but I think the drink offered to May by Darell ought not to have be water,cause if it ‘s actually sedated the colour change in the water would have made it even less appealing to consume. I think a fruit juice would have been perfect for that scene.


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