Youth Camp

My body creaks in pain from a rusty bed
I wake to the sound of an earthquake
Boot of stone to my feet I crawl in line
Frail I stand and quiver in the morning cold
Choruses of voice in resonance is all I hear
Eyes blood shot and heavy with sleep
I fall to the dust to begin a new day
Thunderous commands yelled which deafen me
I’m kicked to carry on in pain I muster up
Tears roll down my cheeks yet I can’t cry
I scream inside, it tears me down
In torn muscles and aching groins I hit the ground
All I see are flashes of light
My joint stiff,my heart skips,I feel death within
My day is done and I wail in hunger
I’m filled and fall like a log never to rise
The die is cast,the deed is done
With inmates I sit and gaze at the starry heavens
In words of comfort,counsel bubble forth
Tales of moon light gives hope to the weak
who knows my anguish!!!
who hears my cry!!!
Contributed- J.U Nnadozie



  1. Had I read this prior to my OWN experience in the youth camp,my expectations would be enveloped more in fears than in adventure.Nonetheless,for the masterful poetic write-up,you have my thumbs-up.


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