Two Sides to a Coin

The days of yore
Were characterised with:
Pizza and pop sodas
It was enjoyment galore
All the way through
It was good mood and sweet music
Wining and dining
Hosting and feasting
Pictures and picnics
Clothes and confetti
It was scarlet roses and scarves
Blue champagne and blue skies
Bubbles and bottles
It was luxury and laughter
Versace shoes and Armani bags
Diners and dinners.

Sour faces with broken countenances
It was hungered and starved
Sudden and painful
Pawpaws and bananas
Lux and Vaseline
Coca-cola and black skies
Phone calls and job hunting
Yaba clothes and Oshodi bags
Favoured and favours
Above all these…
Fasting and prayers
I pray the LORD turns things round!


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