Once Again (For Yetunde Folorunsho)

At that far away look
Staring at beyond,
All I see
Is you.

Mouthing words with utter despair
Shedding tears for a tomorrow
All I see
In my mind’s eye
Is you.

Praying with fervent hope
Hoping with eyes on yesterday
All I see
On my heart’s frame
Is you.

Seeking with true power
Frenzied with thoughts of you
Still I’m waiting
Beseeching you to appear
To form root
Before my very eyes.

Lonely when you’re far away
Troubled with you
Far and abroad
I’m truly disturbed, disconcerted
That communication
Has been severed

Hoping you’ll let the flag poles
of our love soar
in anticipation
of that friendly voice
with thoughts
of our joyous discovery…
Once again
I seek your voice
Once again
I hum our melody
Once again
I cherish thoughts of you
Once again
I wear our love
Like a cloak
Once again
I pat our frame
Once again
In that time frame
Of tomorrow
Ah…if only you were near

Life moves on
Edges along
On that sad desolate road
As I pray
If only it was
Once again…


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