Joy’s Tale

It seemed like eons ago when I awoke in the quiet and comfort of my room, eager for the day’s activities given my intense lined up schedule for the day. I cleaned my room, dusted all the appliances in it and moving to the living room, did same. The kitchen was my next point of call – I made breakfast, washed the dishes and cleaned until everywhere was immaculately clean.
At the office, my day began at 9 o clock with getting ready several memos for my boss. Then came three different time-consuming meetings, interspersed with the daily running of the office. Before I knew it, the day was already far spent. And Alas! It was time to go home, back to my comfy home. Here I can rest and unwind for another activity filled day. All that was yesterday.
Today I am hit with a whole new reality. My beautiful two bedroom flat is to be shared by extra occupants. At the thought of having people in the other room, I was elated, at least the quietness will abate and I will have companions to chat and relate with at home.
Little did I know my happiness will be short-lived. The new occupants are anything but companions! What I see are lousy, ill-mannered, loose and dirty persons in the guise of women. This shocks me the more because I still remember mummy’s constant reminders of the behaviour for a woman:
“A woman must always keep her home clean. She must never be seen as dirty or unkept.”
“A woman must make her home a haven.”
“A woman must always keep her dignity and hold her head high.”
Always remember: whatever you do at home, you will one day take outside.”
My whole life, I remember mummy’s countless do’s and don’ts. At the back of the mind is the incessant and conscious need to be prim and proper, to keep a home, to take care of what is entrusted to me. For like mummy puts it: “he who is faithful in least will be faithful in much.”
So, I can’t understand how a “woman” will take pleasure in making her house unkept. This is the new face of my once beautiful, tidy and homely living room. It has now become the dump site for shoes, clothes, bags, plates, empty cans, litter, nail polish, pads – my God! Even pads?! Yes, pads and their wraps.
The kitchen is an eyesore! The sight that greets you as you step into it is a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink, scattered kitchen utensils everywhere on the floor. Also easily sighted is pepper, stocked cubes, macaroni, onions, tomatoes, rags, plates, spoons, etc. {all on the floor}.
God in Heaven! What manner of “women” are these? I’m speechless. Even men would behave better, not to talk of girls.
On the outside you see very tall, fair, elegant, beautifully clad and pretty ladies. With well-arranged dressing, impeccable makeup, head turning heels, beautiful gait and un tainted speech. Indeed eye-catching! One look at them and you are astonished at their beauty. But please, just come home and you will receive the shock of your life.
To make matters worse, these “women” thrive only on people’s belongings. What would you say about/to people who take your possessions without permission? Persons who take things left for safekeeping without permission. Even when you draw their attention to it, you seem to be talking to trees.
Now I take comfort only in my room, when I walk through the living room, I pretend blind to the sights I see. When I enter the kitchen, I do the best I can to make it habitable for my brief stay and then fly back to the comfort of my room.
I do not even know what other stunt they will pull tomorrow, and God knows there may be worse. I have seen plenty for the present. All I say is: God, please help me!

Contributed: Dodeye Omini



  1. Yeah,even such ‘I don’t care’ attitude are even present in some male gender.the simple truth is that either they themselves or the respective families they emanate from care less about organisation and good hygeine


  2. This is the story of young women who are too occupied to do any form of cleaning though their fragrance can slice your skin! A lesson for us ladies to be tidy. A little bit of time everyday helps to form a habit of cleanliness which is said to be next to Godliness.


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