My Uncle, No Mercy

My uncle is wise
And will be accorded no mercy
Snaked his way
To work with the government
And now,
He is twice his normal size

My uncle,
You are wise
But the law pursues
The overly wise and cunning.

My uncle now has a car
Bought on government money
That he cannot ride
Sprawled is his mansion
Residence is nil
Because the law is
At his heels

My uncle,
Time heals all wounds
But time cannot heal the deep gash
You cut on our minds

My uncle is big
With a nice pot belly
He has grown
At the expense of people
Supposed to be dear to him.

It is amazing
That we have come a long way
And yet,
We smile with our teeth
And not with our hearts.

These are things to be said
Because he who dines with the devil
Needs a long spoon
But your spoon is short
And now,
The devil has caught hold of your hand
It’s payback time!


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