April, although being shy and always keeping away from the company of most girls in her school also had an in-built quality which was hidden from her peers. She was lonesome and always kept her books as her best friend . she was also ambidextrous and aplomb in situations. She once stumbled on a loose garment of her room mate whilst arranging her clothes into her box. She sat out and took time to sew the dress. This was noticed by the hostel mistress who had always taken interest in her due to her quiet nature and personality.
She was unaware of the fact that her attitude towards people, academics and her relationship with her peers was noted down by her teachers. On several occasions her form master would observe her painting or drawing on her sketch pad. She was an artist from birth. She could imagine a scenery and put it down in colourful paint works. She was observant of details which she put into her sketches. She was a member of the arts and drama club in her school but hid her skills in the shadows of others.
Her form master took note of her ability and was keen on her progress, so he entered her into an arts competition secretly. The acceptance letter was sent to the office of the principal of her school and she was bewildered on receiving it, because she could not remember the school applying for the competition neither was the name of the student among the prolific stars that have participated n competitions on behalf of the school. She made arrangements for her to participate in the competition. Prior to the nationals, April won at state level and placed second at the zonal level. Due to her style of painting abstract features, her paintings were exhibited by a private collector in his private art gallery. At such a tender age she didn’t imagine attaining such heights owing to her personality and horrors of her past. Most especially, the ordeal she passed through her father’s hand. ” Her own father; she thought as the voice replayed in her head”.


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