Like a dream…

It still feels more like a dream even now. I saw the drama in slow motion and it seemed surreal. I saw a plate sail past my head and it landed just a few paces away from where I stood. My boyfriend was in a drunken rage and I had no idea what had set him off. I stood up as if I had the build of a giant and stared at him in shock. I stood immobile for a few seconds which was all it took for him to reach me and as he tried to lift me up, I kneed him in the groin. I watched as he gritted his teeth and crumpled at my feet, trying with one hand to grab my ankle but I moved fast out of his reach.
The sudden movement had jolted me and I felt a dull pain in my side and I grabbed at it. When I removed my hand I saw that it was stained with blood. Warm sticky blood. I passed out mercifully…



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