One Legged Babe

Nkechi was late yet again! She felt bad about it because she had started getting set an hour before she was due to leave home. Yet she had gotten caught in day-dreaming and she had lost track of time. Finally, she hurried and made it out of the house with just minutes to spare. She sighed when she did not see and keke to take her to the bus stop and she started to walk carefully down her muddy street. She balanced carefully on 3 ½ inch block heels and was dressed in a splash of colours-orange blazer, purple camisole, light blue skirt, grey bag and sandals which were a mixture of white, black and fuchsia pink.
She squinted her eyes because she had forgotten her sunshades in her hurry. With the sun out, she was sweating and she used her handkerchief to dab at the beads of sweat forming on her upper lip. Sweat trickled down between her breasts and down her armpits to the band of her skirt. As she stood waiting at the bus stop a heavyset woman passed limping under her own weight. She was panting and her tongue was stuck between her lips and she wore a Lycra dress that clung to her like a second skin. It was animal print (aww…poor choice) and because of her size and shape, the back appeared shorter than the front. As she walked past Nkechi, Nkechi turned following her with her eyes amazed that the woman should wear something like that. Her buttocks were shaking like pap that had been cooled and left in the pot to separate and as she followed the movement in shock with her eyes, her left heel snapped from the inside just as one keke stopped right in front of her.
She was laughing so hard as she boarded the keke. Even when she alighted, she had tears streaming down her face as the first attendant welcomed her giving her a quizzical look when she walked to him limping. She could not help bursting into fresh gales of laughter as her mind replayed the Lycra-animal print-dressed stranger.



  1. Lovely article with an awesome command of the language…you brought the characters to life with clear and accurate descriptions. You’re good at what u do, keep it up dear!


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