Sour Grapes in the Mixer

We had always been friends, I mean that we’ve been friends for so long that I cannot think of a time when I was not friends with her. What unraveled our friendship like an old sweater is quite funny. Motunde traveled for a religious program even though she was not the kind of person that usually honoured such invitations. She had taken time to do all the things that men found irresistible; new hair-do, new clothes, fresh makeup and she had even had a spa treatment! She pulled out all the stops on this one. The pictures I saw told me she even fixed her nails even though she didn’t usually do that(she enjoyed chewing her fingernails into stubs).
She finished her programme early on one of those days and since my fiancée of six years lived in that city, she called me and begged me to tell him not only that she was around but take her out. I thought it was a perfectly reasonable request since they had become friends through me and she would not want to try anything silly. That did not send alarm bells ringing in my head. What tripped my alarm system was the intensity with which she asked and I could hear she was almost beside herself that I finally gave in.
I had told her of our slight disagreement but she was intent on going out with him that I acquiesced and made her happy. I was told(and even from the pictures I later saw) that he took her to a posh restaurant(where the food cost a ton!!) And treated her to a nice dinner. I guessed she wanted that treatment everyday till she left the city but did not know how to approach the subject and so she sent me a text days after she returned home about not wanting to be friends with me again and all! She said she was disappointed in me! For what, I didn’t know! I thought about carefully constructing a reply to her message and I cancelled the idea deciding to take the mature way. I calmly re-read her text message repeatedly before I shut down my device and slept on it.
The next day, my bosom friend ignored me when she saw me and even though I was hurt, I smiled. I decided to let the matter slide but two days later she called me and perhaps she was upset that I did not reply her message that she decided to say her mind. Absent mindedly I picked the call while cooking in that evening. Frankly, I can’t remember anything she said except that I concluded the call with ‘have a beer on me!’ I’m still laughing at her look of surprise while I grab a chilled bottle of Heineken…



    1. She did not. She wanted to be constantly entertained not minding if all was well with her friend or not. She claimed her friend was nonchalant to her ‘plight’. That’s what we find today…


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