I woke up this morning not too sure what day it is
Have I finally reached my breaking point?
No, no, no please
Morning came sooner than ever before
At some point I thought Celine Dion was knocking on my door
I tried my best to get up from bed
But my neck felt such pressure to hold up my huge head
Oh lord make my head smaller, I prayed silently
It’s killing my neck relentlessly
I finally stood up and tried to call for room service was late
But ummmmm wait
I am actually in a house all alone
Deep inside I silently groan
I looked in a mirror and look what I see
This ugly puffy eyed big headed fool looking at me
I tried to wash my eyes so he would go away
To my dismay this ugly man stayed
Maybe I need some stronger meds
Because its a constant drama each morning I get up from bed
I want to make one final request
To all friends who truly wish me the best
Pray for me that my mental health will one day be perfect
And please don’t laugh for you’re not free of defects.
a confused poet

Contributed-Jason Jules


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