Should i love again?

lovesick1I remember the days of love
When I soar higher than a dove
When my lips sparkled with honey from the promised land
When I felt electricity as she held my hand
When my fair maiden brought light to my eyes
When she reminded me of God’s promised paradise
Her hair like soft silk in the wind
Her brilliant smile made my head spin
When the sound of her voice sounded like gentle whispers
Her blue eyes like emeralds glittered
Shall I find such Beauty again?
My yearning heart in the past remains
Shall fear hold me captive till forever is here?
Shall I be blinded and not see the love that is right there?
Oh love let not my heart revive
Don’t hasten to make my soul alive
Shall you awaken these feelings of long ago
Should I allow you ?
I truly don’t know
My dry lips crave much moisture
But I tell them, wait for there lies a grand future
My eyes have darkened with little hope of light
Shall you bring me more delight
Oh love do not play
Let me go on my way
Stop whispering such soothing rhythms to my ear
Please do not try to take away my fear
This Shepherd boy is better in slumber
He forces himself not to remember
Oh love stop hunting for my soul
To again hold me captive is your goal
I see the maidens passing, I hear their calls
Should I catch one lest she falls?
Oh love please stop let me go deaf
Do not provoke me I have no power left
I strongly suggest you allow me to expire
For to awaken me would set an entire woodland on fire

Contributed- Jason Jules



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