The innocence beheld is only to be had by a young girl
Thoughts of the mind and feelings of the heart kept pure

From the influence of the outside world
She bares a beauty so fine it could never be denied
Her mere presence turns heads at every waking moment
Until one day…
Just as the flower reached its full bloom a thorn comes along
It comes with promises of feelings so blissful and divine
Feelings that could ascend even higher over time
This fresh bloom so naïve it does not feel the threat
With milk behind the ears she’s still wet
The thorn says love me and I’ll never let you go
But the real motive she just doesn’t know
It only takes one time and she falls for the trick
In the trap as fast as fire blown from the wick
The time comes and she’s convinced to release her nectar
The word was spoken and a lie was not told
She really did ascend to heights untold
But in the days to come her nectar began to dry
The caressing and the tenderness starts to disappear
The thorn accomplished its goal and no longer needed her near
The sun became dark clouds that constantly gloomed
No sign of sunshine is what she began to fear
As time progressed she realized what had happened
Her innocence was taken and her bloom was at its end
Never to come back and never to be seen again
The garden is now shut down and the flower is dead
Attention from any other source was something she dread
She remembers feelings inside and words never said
The one single moment is all she keeps in her head
Any ounce of pleasure to keep her from folding
All the while trying to forget the after affect of “love” dwindling
The flower moves on and so does the thorn
Until it comes to another world that it deems to be torn

Contributed- Keandra D. Gray



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