those days


i lived in the days of lorries

yes wooden lorries

that said ‘God bless you’

but these days

our trailers say ‘I’ve got swag!’

what  a shame!


i lived in the days of coins

when they were worth their metal

yes mint coins with our Nigerian logo

these days are notes are polymer

no polymer is worth the wallet it fades in

what a shame!


i lived in the days of sisi pelebe

yes sisi pelebe and ika gowon

sweets made of groundnut

honey too

but these days

our sweets are made with artificial sweeteners

aspartame and acesulfame

what a shame!


i lived in the days

where chickens roamed free in our yard

in those days

the hawk was one of the chicks reared in my yard

the snake was the rolled up nest

that cushioned the fowl’s thirty day wait less two

but these days

subsidy chicken and seven pointed eggs rule

the hawk lives on the barbed wire

waiting to be let in

yet swooping down at will while my chicks whimper

what a shame!


back in those days

my grandmothers wrapper covered us all

and i went to the stream  without fear

no clothes on, just panties

no shoes either

these days our clothes are skimpy

made out of tiny handkerchiefs

eight inches clad our feet

and we wobble at the sound of Ajoke’s car horn

we fear a common foe

the kidnapper and the neighbourhood pedophile

even from our living rooms

what a shame!


ha let me tell you

iya Sikira’s buka was enough to fill our stomachs

we even went to the farm for her

these days our foods are extremely fast

fast foods: fast digestion

instant everything

cultured seedless fruits tagged ‘short life expectancy’

such utter shame!




  1. Sisi pelebe and Ika gowon are funny names given to sweets which were common in the early ’90s. When translated literally from yoruba to english means ‘flat lady’ and ‘gowon’s finger’ resp because of their shapes 😉 😀


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