Poetry is an art
Words come from the tablet of the heart
Like a beautiful picture they all take their place
Some are quite slow,some like to race
But in the end they all find harmony
Leaving behind a fine legacy
Words so powerful they move the reader
Some find there’s nothing sweeter
Not even chocolate; not even honey
Poetry is often the best remedy
It can make you happy when you feel sad
It can be the choicest meal you can ever find
Brings satisfaction beyond measure
Indeed, a wonderful treasure
How words decorate a once empty page
Because each one is precisely gagged
So as you read these lines
Let them stay upon your minds
Let them put a smile on your face
One that time cannot erase
For a lover of poetry you clearly are
Shine with me like a distant star
May I bring you joy with every word I write
May you find pleasure and much delight


                                                                                    Contributed-Jason Jules


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