This City

I usually don’t feel nostalgic about any particular place until it is time to say goodbye. The district is shrouded in darkness and although the blanket is gradually moving to pave way for daybreak, I wish it would remain that way: prolong the feeling a bit. A feeling that is bitter sweet, neither here nor there. I watch as areas that are traffic hotspots flash past; not even boasting of motor bikes and it is a relief that the air is considerably clean at this time of the day. The chickens are just rousing and even the goats are dreaming as I set out on the right foot to a far destination. I heaved a sigh. Would there be another future for me in this slumbering city? Can I learn to survive here? There was no more time to ask questions for no sooner had we arrived the motor park than we set out! It was a time of reality, an awakening. I took it as well as could be expected; of course I had left loved ones behind. Friendships that I was going to nurture, interests I wanted to pursue, experiences I wanted to relive… perhaps an extra five minutes would do, no too small. Five hours, maybe more if possible. This is a lesson in humility and gratitude!


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