The Ant Deserves Some Respect Too!

Even in our ‘flash bulb’ moments, when we are at our most creative and we decide to put things together, the best we have done is create some caricature and label it ‘invention’!  As tiny as it is, no man has ever created an ant! For years, man played God cloning animals but we know how a Xerox machine works: it creates a copy of the original and a copy will always be that- a COPY! It is a beautiful creature that fascinates me much like a tiny firefly or a parrot.

I have been away from home for a while and I took a stroll down my street just this evening. Usually I try to avoid puddles made from dirty women who pour dirty water into the street or little children playing in the street with the excess energy peculiar to them. Sadly today I saw a lot of dead animals in the street and given the chance I would have picked stinky fish innards over that.

I stuck my phone to my ear in a bid to avoid unnecessary chit-chat from nosy neighbours who have been curious about me. I grunted greetings where appropriate. At first, it was some awful smell that assailed my senses and I was scared to respond to the question my caller was asking lest I inhale some of it. it was a healthy sized rat. A few paces away, I encountered a dried out rat which looked almost like jerky except that the grey colour was unmistakeable. I saw chickens in various stages of jubilation when they found a cockroach that was dead but not totally crushed. Rodent still.

And turning the bend into the next street, it hit me full in the face- the injustice of it all and I whimpered into the phone. I almost stepped on the fresh carcass of a cute puppy discarded in the street like the forgotten toy of a spoilt child. At least its eyes were closed and I stared for a full five seconds. And just when I could not choke back my anger at all this, I saw a silly motorbike rider careen down the road at full speed leaning on his horn like a little child denied his toy during his growing up days. I saw a Mother hen by the road side ina flurry of feathers clucking in grief and I could imagine her shaking her feathered fist at the negligent, careless rider who had killed her precious chick. It had taken her twenty-one of careful vigil to bring that chick to birth and it had taken the silly rider one second to snuff out its life! I tell you; even the ant deserves some respect lest it be told to their council of chieftains that humans have no regard for their life!



  1. Lmao,
    Na Ajegunle you dey stay ni? Nawa o. Why them come frustrate you like that for your area na? Lol. Can’t stop laughing sha. Miss u dear.

    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN


    1. I did not give much thought to it at first probably because i usually ride past on a bike or in a car. Walking down proved altogether different considering the paved streets of Abuja *sigh* I miss you cuz


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