My Alter Ego(s)


             You might find it hard to believe or it might sound a little strange. Even as I form the words it feels foreign to me. My. Alter. Ego. With an additional‘s’ to show that it could be more than one. This however is not an excuse for you to avoid me. I assume this stance when I am under pressure. Let me tell you how my mind works.

            I was on a motor bike some days ago when I noticed that I was different from the ME I knew. I dragged the fee with the bike rider and hailed him in motor park language which made the rider give me a second look. I understood his stare. I looked chic dressed in skinny jeans and a cropped top which accentuated my slight figure. I smelled like a flower not a tout and so I understood his stare. I did not look the part. My sister had to tap me on my shoulder to make me revert to my ‘regular self’. Okay.

            It is only proper to tell you about the ‘regular’ me which is usually dressed primly in tailored well-known designer labels hunting for a job and speaking Queens’ English without the Nigerian accent. During the day, I am patient and polite carefully pronouncing words in my practiced accent.

            Alter number two. This alter appears when I am frustrated with Lagos. It snaps easily, speaks market English and yes, does not pay for transport sometimes. Funny but true. This alter knows almost all the touts at the motor parks and hails them accordingly.

            Alter number three is very docile and rarely comes out. The frustrated Lagos life does not affect it. this alter is so kind that it assists old people to cross the road, checks up on them as frequently as time permits, is polite and courteous no matter what, dreams of working in an air-conditioned office but it is not the one friends and acquaintances miss.

            And so I might look a little bit strange when next you see me on the street but don’t let this taint your view and make you biased about the next pretty girl who hails ‘Union’ leaders. It might just be her alter acting up in the sweltering Lagos heat!



  1. Guessed u r not alone in such fluctating moods.what amazes me is the way and manner such mood r either de/ activated esp in Lag.9ce write up!


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