In this cold night

in this cold night I find
the length and breadth
of my dream in your eyes
where the world lives

in your lips where every word

I find the sea, the confluence
and the distance between dreamers
and lovers waiting to touch the sky
yearning to feel the texture of the moon…

I see Okigbo, standing at heavensgate
whispering to the household of Idoto
with a message of love we are yet to
read – not even about the orange sun-
like daffodils – bright – growing in
your eyes


in this cold night I find passion
drifting like the wind:

you are the meaning of everything
that solidifies and dissolves

you are the image of a lineage
where naira fail the test of trust

but where love is the key
to the house where unbroken
calabashes wait for the right man


In this cold night in bodija
there will be no voice to
tickle my heart than the
heavenly hymns that fill
this room with sweet tunes


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