your lips emit fire
and your eyes weave magic

your touches are unread messages
waking me every night

your voice sings till it travels
inside me, a poet

hanging his fate on the pillar of love
that will survive the years of eclipse

sweetheart, your beauty buries the
rays of the sun


So I stand here, alone, watching how
travellers chant your name

telling their tribes about a lady
whose melody tingles every soul

So I stand here, alone, tracing the map
in order to smell your scent:

there are diaries of love tales I need
to read in your heart


I hold the  hand that speaks to my
body – from head to toes you paint
your memory

my tongue – bearing the syllables
in your names

I dream of lilies and roses
and the origin of my dream
is in your love that will sail
me across the sea tonight.

the tide of love rushes…


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