On Female Children and Upbringing

I like the way parents keep their daughters away from notorious guys who devour ladies without any sign of mercy or regret after the whole ordeal. These guys are like eagles, perching on every female they see. They are also experts in cajoling and manipulating their way into extorting and intoxicating these “fragile minds” with promises that will never come to pass. Anyway, parents need to conduct unperturbed sexual lesson on their daughters. They should also watch how their female children live – ranging from what they wear, where they go, when they return, who are their friends and so on.

But there are situations that warrant “talk” rather than enacting “strange and strict rules”. Females, whether we like it or not, tend to be pretentious and silent. They will go a long way in concealing facts from their parents. What every family should know, is that child upbringing begins from the onset – especially with matters relating to females. They should be handled with care – especially when it comes to sexual discussion and orientation. A female friend once told me that the day she saw her first menses, her mother told her not to allow men to touch her – not to talk of having carnal knowledge of her.


Now, we should tutor them about the right and the wrong when it comes to sexual relationship and its side-effects. I feel sad whenever I hear incidents relating to sexual abuse, rape and assault; it makes me feel sober and angry. I think this should be prevented – at least in a sane society. We aren’t dogs nor goats. We are humans with brains to think and develop ourselves and our environment. Our words are products of genuine thoughts and reflections about happenings in the society.

Every responsible wife/woman should see to the proper management of home. Every responsible man/husband should also contribute immensely to social, physical and mental development of his children . I have come to realise that a good family is more than a man kissing his wife and showering his children with money, buying icecream at tantalizer, buying clothes and feeding them regularly. After teaching your children the words of God, do teach them how to live.  Don’t teach them how to spend extravagantly; teach them moral – how to live. So when you die they won’t have any cause to curse you. Let your words echo through their behaviours. Let your wisdom live in them…


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