Can a good man turn bad?

Oh how easily a good man can turn bad

After all his years of goodness

The consequences could be quite sad
In a world filled with such coldness

How much can one take

Before that final straw breaks his back

Can he be confident that only wise choices he will make

Can he be sure to remain firm under severe attack

What if family members are abused by men

Or thieves plague his house each day

Should he simply count to ten

And expect all anger to go away

To remain calm is intend a task

And sadly we sometimes fail
Its not like you can forever wear a mask

For as humans we are frail

But its all to easy to lose control

And for patience to suddenly vanish

Pressure can quickly take its toll

Unless some serious qualities are well established

How vital that one keeps on enduring

Rely on his creator for strength when weak

And so his well of fine qualities can keep on flowing

In a world so cold and

                 —Jason Jules


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