Absolutely everyone must have asked this question in the past few weeks. Again, is this a biological weapon or a MISTAKEN epidemic? This virus is ravaging West Africa so badly that mortuaries have gone past their limit leading to corpses being dumped in the streets of some cities! Quarantine centres are springing up every day and still we ask- is there a cure?

Named after the Ebola river where it first occurred some many years ago (1976), Ebola has killed so many people and unfortunately this deadly virus with no known cure currently ravages West Africa. With the hope that is so common in this part of the world, reports have it that bitter kola can kill this virus. This is unfounded. Then came the salt consumption and bathing story. This rumour has circulated so much that some were reported as hospitalised due to excessive salt consumption!

Notably, the WHO and governments of various countries have come up with facts about Ebola and tips with which to care for ourselves. Good hygiene is imperative if we are to survive. A good hand sanitizer would come in handy at this time. Rodents should be driven far away from residential homes. Even though it seems as if there is little to be thankful for, this virus is not airborne. However, an experimental vaccine exists in a very small quantity. Sadly though, we cannot say for sure when this vaccine would be available for the use of the masses.

The question now is- when is a state of emergency going to be declared? Since the virus spreads through body fluids- sweat, urine, saliva, semen- it would seem wise that Nigeria’s commercial nerve come under this restriction to slow down the spread of this disease. Since touch also spreads it, it would be a wise course of action since public transportation in the state is a woeful story and passengers without their own means of transportation become even more at risk!

So what then is the cure? Is there even a cure or was Ebola released to reduce the population of West Africa?


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