About to Explode!

In the background, printers, scanners and all sorts of electronic equipment were whirling and to top it all, my wall clock was ticking annoyingly. All destroying my concentration. Just a few days ago, my Boss told me that I should be grateful that I had an office at least! I felt the office served to button me in!! “Ten minutes more!” he shouted from my doorway momentarily. His face was a mass of twitching muscles, all of them working erratically and my life was ruled by the ticking of the clock. I was operating on caffeine, I had ulcer and migraines, I was jumpy from lack of sleep and now an insomniac and yet, all I heard was everyone telling me I had to be a Success, bring my A-game! Well, I am fed up!
Have you ever felt like this, like a tightly coiled ball about to explode in less than the time it took to tie and ignite you and that no one understands? Hmmm… you see, the road to success is not paved with cobblestones and I know you have heard that several times. Okay, tune out your surroundings and absorb these points-

LIST YOUR GOALS: You have a lot of things you want to do with your life but take a minute to make them even more real- write them on paper!

PLAN YOUR TIME: I bet you have been to several seminars on goal orientation and they all tell you to plan your time. Well then, I echo it. Plan your time wisely and carefully too.

HAVE A GAME PLAN: Which one of these goals is most pressing? Okay, number them in the order of importance. Create another page with bullets that show how you can get them done.

HAVE A PIGGY BANK: “Huh!” That’s right, you heard me. It means save, save every last kobo. That lollipop you denied yourself today might mean a registered company name tomorrow. You better believe it!

JOIN A NETWORK OF LIKE MINDS: They will keep you on track when they talk of their achievements and everything else. They might even need your help when they get stuck and this sharpens your skills and broadens your knowledge base. There is no shortage of this on the internet, an example which is LinkedIn.

RESEARCH, RESEARCH AND MORE RESEARCH: This cannot be overemphasized. I’d say it is the lifeblood of that goal you have in mind. Fact is, you need to get your facts straight. Besides, knowing what others have done on the subject is to your advantage in that you can figure out what will give you an edge over your competition.

This is perhaps not in any manual,

DON’T SKIMP ON FOOD AND SLEEP: This is perhaps the most important thing I have written so far. The truth is that adequate rest and a balanced meal will help you more than you know. If you do, well… Warning: your brain and/or body will shut down!!!

So, you can be the sweet wife, loving mother, delightful daughter and indispensable (I use this lightly) worker. Just go for it!



  1. Nice piece. Good points. Thoughtful. Even though for now I’m a couch potato I have saved the points in my head for when the heat starts. Keep it up.


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