It was a windy evening when I met with this designer whose clientele remain anonymous for security reasons. I had heard him relate how he was being frisked by security to reach some of his clients. Some of his stories bother on being hilarious, he being a natural jester. I decided to ask about his foray into fashion and here’s the excerpt of our interview.

Tell me about yourself.
I was born in Lagos where I had my primary education. I had my secondary schooling in Port-harcourt, Rivers state. I had my first and second degree from University of Abuja. I am the fifth of nine children, the second boy. I am a native of Bayelsa state, Sagbama local government.

How did you get into fashion industry?
I went into fashion during the prolonged ASUU strike of 2002. I was tutored by a designer who was then sewing for the Obasanjo’s and since then, I’ve been on a roller coaster.

Okay so would you say that you’ve carved a niche for yourself in the fashion industry? There are so many dress makers…
Yes I have. My styles are unique and my clientele, wide. Most of my old designs are currently in vogue for men’s fashion. As old as eight years ago. So I can rightly say I am a pacesetter.

What makes your establishment different from others?
Originality. We have learnt to think outside the box. We have had twelve years to do that. We keep things fresh!

Wow! Twelve years…
Yes, PCL (Perali Clothing Line) has been around for twelve years.

Where do you see your establishment in the next few years? Say five years…
Like the dakova of those days, Perali will be a household name.

Along the way, it can’t have been smooth all along. What challenges did you face?
You’re right, there has been challenges. Getting capable hands to assist is the major one. I practically have to retrain my work force. Again, the issue of capital is another. Fashion is capital intensive and getting people to invest is like learning to walk on tight rope. (laughter)

Kudos, you braved the challenges. What personal philosophy do you live by?
For me the word IMPOSSIBLE doesn’t exist. All in all, I have God to thank. Besides I don’t see myself as being there yet, there’s still a lot more to achieve God giving me life.

How do you relax?
Watching movies, swimming and hanging out with friends.

Any encouragement for young entrepreneurs interested in fashion?
Love the job, rewards will come later! At Perali, it’s more than just fashion, it is our way of life!

Contact the designer:, 0806 521 5071



  1. Who says u have to have a white collar job b4 u excel in life? once u have a flair 4 smtn go 4 it. pere Ali-bozi bigger u@ DAMILOLA Wink


  2. Well as far as I know Perali is in my own dictionary defined as unique hand so whatever it is clothing he has his hands on is sown perfectly. Big up bro get it done as usual this is just a starting point anyway


  3. True confession. Perali desnt even need to measure you, just one look and its done. That’s how good he is. I can be bitchy and very picky with designs and fitting but with perali, I’ve only complained once….. When he spelled my name wrong in the He’s been stitching fabric for myself and my wife for 6years now and never have we seen a design on someone else. Original.


  4. Am humbled by all your comments, and am trully grateful for the support and encouragement. Thank you all for believing in me and my can only get better from here.Damilola good job and thank you for the interview.


  5. Interesting interview. I have seen the quality of designs from Perali Collections, and I must confess they are extraordinary. One of the smartest guys of his class. Pere Ali-Bozi has shown that he is a genius, both at academics and his chosen career.
    The Federal Government should provide an Intervention fund to help budding entreprenures like Perali to compete on the World stage.
    I see Perali clothing line among the top in the fashion world in few years time.
    Great work Bozi.


  6. Yea. That smart wear u’lld love 2 rock, compliments and questions follows u anywhere u go like MTN. (e.g Who made ur dress 4 u?). Nice job bro. Sky is ya limit. Kudos to Dammy.


  7. Tested and Trusted!!!…Perali$ Designs are unique and one of its kind. Give them a try and it will be just you wearing that unique and special style made just for you.


  8. Makes much sense, he is very creative, stylish and he gives you the most comfy styles you want. You can never have enough with Perali clothing. What you wear defines who you truly are. Thumbs up Perali you will definitely get there soonest. Well done Dammy, good job


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