Why do we pray? How do we pray? Where do we pray? When do we pray? Who do we pray to? For whom do we pray? Should we pray! Can I pray! Will you pray! When we seem lost in thoughts, we pray.  When we cry and no one feels our pain, we pray.  When misery comes calling with hoplessness, we pray.  When words are evasive and we stutter, we pray.  When feelings, emotions and heart are trampled on, we pray.  When we doubt the course of life, we pray.  When things Fade away,we pray.  When we see the grip of death, we pray.  Who prays for the poor? Who prays for the orphan! Who prays for the destitute? Who prays for the widow/widower! Who prays for the elderly? Who prays for the sick!



You need to say something!

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