I Remember

Oh! I remember, 

A land so fertilIe and it’s laborious son’s and daughters.
Cheers fill the air as it’s praise is sung unending.

Oh! I remember,

As our fathers sat at the foot of the tree to tell us stories and we listened anxiously patiently waiting for its end.

Oh! I remember,

As our mothers and sisters sat by the fire place to prepare the food and the crackling sound of the woods against the pot as the flames blazes upwards to the sky.

Oh! I remember,

 As our fathers and grandfathers broke a fresh keg of palm wine at dawn, sat in the ‘obi’ to exchange stories and words of wisdom as we eavesdropped by the window.

Oh! I remember,

As our grandmothers and aunties danced to the rhythm of the ‘atilogu’ as the ‘ konga’ the flute, brass drum pkayed on into the night at the kings palace.

Oh! I remember, 

As our brothers and uncles fought and wrestled at the village centre to show off their might and woo suitable mates.

Oh! I remember, 

What happened to the days when youths were vibrant and responsible.
When elders were respected, revered as Gods.

 Oh! I remember,

When our sisters and aunties would walk with their pride intact between their loins.
When the virtues of our mothers were not mere stories but a reality that has become a shadow of itself.

Oh! I remember,

I look up to the Gods and pray for insight, wisdom and understanding but I’m desserted in my plight
I cry and scream for my generation as I take the pain to my grave.

Oh! I remember,

My memories are all I have.

           Contributed- Nnadozie Joshua


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