I mustn’t go through the four walls to be educated. I was taught, I read, listened, sang, watched. Still yet I’m not educated. Education? Education?? Education??? She has a dream, she tells a story. He has a vision and walks with a mission. I’m an educated fool. A literate in ignorance and stupidity. Education! Education!! Education!!! He always said, she didn’t tell and they never will. I was groomed on the street. I learnt by the roadside, not in a classroom. She lectures, he preached, she counselled. But none understands the psyche of the brain. Education? Education?? Education??? How do you tell if I’m educated! Is it by fancy words, speech, diction, affluence, charisma, style, class. Our mothers cried for it. We strive to attain it. Education! Education!! Education!!! I’m an educated man. Though I never spoke the word of nobles. The greetings of kings. I’m educated in humility, wisdom and respect. Oh yes, I’m an educated man.

Contributed- Joshua Nnadozie


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