Hi all. I’m ashamed for doing the first thing last (but at least I’m getting it done, LOL). I would like you to join me on my domain –

A lot as happened between my last post here and getting the domain and my weekly posts. Perhaps you heard of The Contest… I apologise for all the trouble i may have caused making you search for my posts.

To continue to get interesting posts, please subscribe. That would bring a smile to my face. Thank you!


One comment

    Here I am trying to write you a beautiful Song,
    A song that has been beating in my head all Along..
    A song that will bring relief to your body and Soul,
    Even if you feel half before, t’will make you Whole..
    A song that is more beautiful than Blues, Hip hop, Fuji, Reggae or Jazz,
    A song that has a mixture of Soprano, Treble and Bass..
    A song that will dazzle you like intoxicating Liquor,
    One that will make you feel invincible enough to see through a Mirror..
    A song that will inspire you to move to the Rhythm and Beat,
    Even if you dont know how to dance, you’ll just realize you are at the edge of your Seat..
    A song that will make a sick person feel pretty Well,
    The song that can save someone from the fear of death and pit of Hell..
    A song that can bring laughter to a worrisome unsmiling Face,
    A song that can lift you from Grass to Grace..
    A song that can make you feel like all your pain has gone Away,
    An inspirational song that will make you feel like all your requests have been answered even before you Pray..
    When you sleep, t’will make your dreams look like you are staring at a Rainbow,
    And when you wake, you’ll feel very happy and really Glow..
    A song I know when I play the sound or tunes, you’ll know its true and I’ll win all your Votes,
    Unfortunately I’m really sorry, because for now I can’t find The Missing Notes..

    …a touch of mine…


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