Death by Law


It has been many years since Shakespeare’s Romeo&Juliet where the principal characters died from an excess of love. Over the years, a lot of passersby and pedestrians have died or being severely injured by convoys. It was usually the government motorcade that drove our roads carelessly but over time, some rich folks convinced themselves that they had to ‘up’ their status with a convoy.
So the customized number plates started to dwindle and convoys of rich people started to increase. And because the convoys were driven by uniformed men, they drove as they liked after all they were “the law”. Their rough driving has on many occasions being a source of concern and on one occasion, has put a governor at risk. A case in point when they had people screaming for justice was when negotiations were going on between the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) who were on strike at the time. Prof Iyama was said to have been killed on impact by a governor’s convoy as he was enroute the point of meeting.
Sadly though, it takes an important person to help us see the existing flaws in our system.
Another case is the ban of motorcycles on our express roads. The police were authorised to seize any which they found breaking the law. Funny enough, the motorcycle that very nearly ran a pedestrian down a few minutes ago had two army guys on it. The symbol of law breaks it, with no consequence I might add. And that’s because it didn’t just start today hence the powers that be cannot claim ignorance of this sad truth.

A note to pedestrians: an all-seeing-eye is needed for us to arrive our destinations. Be careful, the law is not at its best!


Charity Begins at Home


Book stack

A very popular saying but then, knowledge is power. I agree with that. But you see, flashy things have a way of drawing us; the glitter, the shine… So, this leads me to ask-

Do you patronise ‘Made in your country’ products? Or you think that they are not good enough?

Let me explain why I asked. If you are reading this now, you must be a lover of words and by extension, books. But do you only read books based on the Name of the Author, the colour of skin or worse yet, the authors’ gender?

Sadly, some book lovers I know select books based on those criteria but is your next read as good as skin colour, a popular name or gender? I am personally offended when I meet a fellow book lover who says he cannot read a book written by a woman! I would not pitch Chinua Achebe against William Shakespeare nor will I pick Longfellow just because of the name! Each writer has his/her own unique style. Black skin, pink skin, yellow skin; it does not matter!

On the issue of gender, permit me to dwell a little. Sidney Sheldon was a wonderful writer, no dispute. Agatha Christie, on the other hand, is just as good a read. If I would read a John Grisham because his law thrillers keep me wanting more, then I would most certainly read a Danielle Steel whose tragic romance has me addicted! Sefi Atta, Patricia Cornwell, Luanne Rice, Kathy Reichs, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, J.K Rowlings; all these women will stand their ground against their male counterparts Tom Clancy, Wole Soyinka, Robert Ludlum, Helon Habila, any day!

So answer me this: do you read that Nigerian author only because it was prescribed as a Literature text? Do you spend your last kobo on a novel written by a foreign author but you cannot buy that book that has your countryman’s name on it? you have to review your preferences- without bias!