Onome Francis is one person that I’ve always found interesting. I was so sure she was going to be a miner and then write all about gems. She comes out of her shell and talks about herself; she’s more of a listener than a talker. Here is what I found out about this ardent video game lover:

Tell me about yourself.
My name is Onome Francis, I was born in Warri, Delta state and I grew up in Lagos. I am a graduate of Biochemistry from Lagos State University. I love writing and I have been doing that from an early age; since I was 8.

What other hobbies do you pursue with the passion you have for writing?
I love reading, different types of books. My favourite foreign writer is James Patterson, while Chinua Achebe is my favorite locally. I also like surfing the internet. I also love traveling, adventures and meeting new people.

You have a blog that focuses on relationship matters, how was it born?
Well, i realised that there are actually a lot of people that have issues, especially relationship issues bottled up inside and some of them spoke to me about them. I guess it’s because I’m a good listener, because I am definitely not a professional counsellor or relationship expert. But sometimes you don’t need a relationship expert, you just need to talk to someone about it and hear their perspective. I also do the same when I have such challenges. So I thought,  “okay, I like writing, I’ve heard relationship stories,  why not create a blog dedicated to that and see what happens?” And that was how the blog came about.

onomes blog

Has the stats from your blog encouraged you to continue blogging because at the back of every bloggers mind is readership which translates to stats.
Yes it has. I have a lot of readers from around the world and it encourages me not only to keep going but to make sure I put my very best into my content.

Most bloggers/writers I know are fashion conscious, what does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a popular way of dressing and I often like to go with the latest trends. However, I also think the way one dresses gives a hint of their personality. But if the latest trends don’t appeal to me, I wouldn’t go with it. Generally, I like classic looks, looks that don’t go out of fashion.

Are you planning to write a book or what are you going to do with your writing skills?
Oh yes, I would love to publish a book soon; a thriller, and I want to collaborate with the talented Miss Damilola Olaniyi. It would be brilliant,(winks)

so watch out!

I’m flattered, thank you. So far with your ‘agony aunt’, do you think you have been able to help some?
Yes I do. I have received feedback from readers who said they found my stories and advice interesting and helpful to them. I hope to reach out to more people as time goes on.

That’s great. So what else should we expect from you in the next few years?
More from my writing, because I can never stop writing. Books, blogs, leaving my mark in the world of literature and I can only get better. (Laughter)

Good, we would look out for you. Advice for young talent?
My advice for young talent is, keep doing what you have a passion for, practice makes perfect. Believe in yourself and give your best. Never, ever give up.

I must thank you for making the time to talk to me.
Thank you for having me.

My pleasure.

Contact details: 08022955312,  francisonome@gmail.com, 7A6DB74C