Right before I interviewed the rep of Bloomido, I didn’t know about brand management companies (at least in Nigeria). The conversation that follows will show that it not only educated me but enlightened me. I had so much fun during this interview. Here are the excerpts:

Please introduce yourself.

I am Onisokumen Egwu. I was born and raised in PortHarcourt. I had my elementary and secondary schooling there as well. I had to go all the way to Niger state for my Bachelors. I majored in Industrial Chemistry but I currently work as an IT consultant with MTN Nigeria and as a brand management specialist with Bloomido Solutions.

How was Bloomido born?

Bloomido was born from the idea that we(I and my partners) love projects that bloom, hence the name Bloom-I-do. It was founded by three equal partners Muna Egu, Chibuikem ‘Mg’ Ihebom and myself. We were registered in 2012 as a partnership by the CAC.


Nice. But… Industrial Chemistry to graphic design, what’s the correlation?

I will like to say I am not a graphic designer per se. I am an entrepreneur. I did Industrial Chemistry for my bachelors because in all honesty, it was the easier way to gain admission into school. In the course of my bachelors, however, I had to develop myself- learning a lot that will enable me live my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.


I stand corrected. What then makes your establishment different from others?

Our objective and mission as an organisation stands us out from others. We have a collective mission which is “to constantly improve the human experience”. This motivates us to harness ways and methods that drive our customers and clients to success. We like to think that we do not strive to satisfy our customers but we push for their success. THIS makes us different. More so, as an organisation we are governed by a culture duly informed by our core values. We strive for success in mind blowing service delivery, we are adventurous and creative, we exude passion and determination, we are honest and open in communication, we work hard and play hard, we are happy and humble people. These are values that govern us and give us that extra drive to always remain on top.

I like the sound of that. What has been your greatest challenge?

Publicity. We have lovely projects but getting the message out is pretty expensive and difficult.

How have you been able to overcome this?

We are still in the process. Thank God for social media. We find Facebook especially helpful. Family and friends have equally been helpful in spreading the word.

What personal philosophy do you imbibe?

A very simple one: hard work pays. It may not be immediate but it will pay off.

Well said. What new frontiers are you hoping to conquer in say three years?

In three years, we are looking to become the major ‘clinic’ for small, micro and even medium scale businesses in Nigeria. We will love to be their source of inspiration and the cause for the growth of their businesses.

So I’m correct when I say you’ve found a niche and you’re feeding it…

You’re very right.


How hard do you play?

Not as hard as it sounds, but just about enough to strike a balance between responsibility and fun!

Advice to younger entrepreneurs and those still in the ‘dream phase’.

For the record, I am equally a pretty young entrepreneur myself. My advice is that anyone dreaming of being an entrepreneur should do all he/she can to live that dream. It is the best thing that can happen. Be ready to make sacrifices and then read, develop yourself.

Finally, tell me something you’ve never told anyone.

I am not that much of a secretive person.

Here’s how to find Bloomido 

Contact Info:

M Close, 21 Road, Festac Town, Lagos

Phone: 0805 4197 935



Egwu, Onisokumen

+234 805 419 7935, +234 706 649 3854