Although the weather was inclement, I still had a chat with Omolola Olukade of Nexus Beauty Makeovers as planned. The rain almost sent us packing but she was pleasant company and we both braved the weather. So here is what I discovered about her:

Tell me about yourself, a little background.
About my background… I was born in Ilorin, Kwara state. I was raised partly in Kogi state at its creation and had part of my primary and all of my secondary education in Kogi state. I have a degree in Linguistics from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba akoko, Ondo state. I am the last of six children. I am from Kogi state, Ijumu Local government area.

I know you’re an entrepreneur, a makeup artist. What stirred your interest?
Painting has always been what I like, fashion in general right from my childhood. I remember riffling through my sisters’ makeup and painting myself with magic (red) lipstick! That earned me a name in Yoruba- e je kin se farii mi. That means allow me to do my fashion. (laughter) So I grew up with that interest and when I saw it become professional, I thought ‘why not’! After all I had a love for it and a passion to match.


Interesting! But then, doesn’t the thought of competition make you think twice about it? Perhaps you would do better in another field…
No! The truth is, there are so many people in that line and still more will troop in. Some are in it for the money, fame or passion. For me, it has always been passion. And that’s why when I do a makeover for a client and see the transformation, the satisfaction in my client’s smile, the beauty I behold; I feel accomplished and want to do more. This in itself has served as advertisement for me. My clients tell others, they see it and request my services. I always settle down to do a good job for my clients and it shows in the end result.


That’s nice. So what new frontiers are you hoping to conquer in the next few years?
Ha… I have so many dreams that I will see to reality. I’d tell you just one- creating my own makeup (product) line. For now, I am currently working on a few fashion shows with runway models and I believe it can take me places by Jehovah’s grace. (smile)

What challenges have you overcome?
Hmm! Finance was the first because I had always wanted to train with House of Tara makeup school and I couldn’t afford it at first because I had just finished my Youth service and I had no job. But I was persistent and optimistic because I wanted to get the best training and I felt so sure that I would get it there. So I patiently saved enough money for the training and the products I would use to practice. Another challenge was setting up because shortly after I graduated from the training school, I got a job that takes almost all my time. But the passion for artistry makes me determined to set up my business and I can say I’m doing well in my own little way.


Persistence pays! You did business while in school, did it not make it difficult for you to ‘find’ yourself?
I have always believed in humble beginnings. Back in school, I started a business selling male and female clothing. That gave me a heads up for business today.

You must be proud of what you’ve achieved. Tell me, what is your personal beauty routine?
Yes I am! Eating balanced diet and drinking lots of water. I also eat a lot of fruits to help rejuvenate my skin and then make sure to wash off my makeup before going to bed. Finally, two or more times in a month, as time permits, I get a facial to remove dead cells and a lot more. (laughter) There’s really no ‘secret’.

Do you have any advice for would-be entrepreneurs?
My advice is that you do what you enjoy doing, focus, be hard working and never give up on your dreams. Even when the money is not flowing as you expect, you will still want to wake up to that job, that passion, everyday!

Contact details: Facebook page: Nexus Beauty Makeovers
0818 598 0950, 0703 165 8383