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SAP NIGERIA, a leading provider in enterprise software, partners with AYECI AFRICA to shape the future of fresh school leavers through the SAP Career Mentorship Program.

The SAP Career Mentorship Program is part of SAP Nigeria’s strategy to engage the future while driving the present.  “In order to engage the future, we must look to the younger generation and begin to drive activities that are value added to their present and future”, says Ayokanmi Ayuba, Channel Development Manager, SAP Nigeria.
The Program is designed to help high performing students from disadvantaged backgrounds develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to becoming future leaders in their respective careers. A key driver of this commitment is an enriching workplace mentorship experience which supports students through the process of navigating career choices, gain valuable workplace experience while in school and transition from college into a mutually-rewarding career with reputable organizations of their choice.

SAP’s partnership with AYECI AFRICA (an NGO focused on developing key initiatives for youths) around the week-long mentorship program for fresh school leavers aligns with a shared focus on education and skills development especially for disadvantaged young people in Nigeria.
Twenty-Five (25) fresh school leavers, selected based on their outstanding performance in the recent secondary school certificate examination (SSCE) are expected to benefit from the pilot phase of this program. The students would be placed in different SAP Partner Companies to receive an enriching workplace mentorship required to help them better understand the various career pathways and opportunities available to them.

What is interesting is that this mentorship program is not just focused on exposing students to technology based careers. Along with the opportunity to be exposed to careers within the SAP Partner Companies, students will also gain employable soft skills.

While SAP is spearheading the program, Ayo, emphasizes that “the goal is to achieve critical mass that will generate significant impact. Our approach is to work with our local partner companies harnessing all the resources to have the greatest impact on the next generation of professionals over time”. Currently supporting the program is C2G Consulting, Accenture, Hartford Green Consulting & Serve Consulting.

Following the week-long mentorship program, mentored students are expected to showcase the outcome of their mentorship experience during the Program finale billed to hold at the SAP Nigeria Office, using learning materials provided by their corporate mentors.

The SAP Career Mentorship Program will begin on the 17th of November and continue till the 21st of November 2014.


Introducing: the OTOMATIK server!

Coming to a partnership with LASTVEB(Lagos State Technical and Vocational Board), Otomatik ventures (an IT company in Lagos) have currently started training in two technical schools within Lagos from Monday.
The training will serve to educate both teachers and students on their examination practice portal examina housed in their custom server.
In a discussion with the coordinator of the project, Mr Samuel Anyaele, he said that this project will stimulate further reading and peer learning among students. He further said among the benefits of the server is that it is eco-friendly and it is cost effective since it does not require access to the internet. He also mentioned that the server had an electronic library with over 200 reading materials and a lot of educational videos.
Since technology is growing in leaps and bounds, we hope more people will see the relevance and support technology in our schools. We hope that this pilot takes flight as we say goodbye to printed past questions!